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Established in 2001, Poteet Landscaping has built a solid reputation for quality work and professional service. We are licensed, bonded and certified. The current company was formed when Rob and Greg merged their individual companies to form Georgia Outdoor Services. Although the legal name is Poteet Landscaping Inc, We continue to use the Georgia Outdoor Services name because it has broader appeal. Our standards are higher than most in the industry and our goal is to establish Poteet Landscaping as the leading landscape company in Georgia and South Carolina.


Poteet Landscaping, Inc/Georgia Outdoor Services is a full-service company specializing in landscaping, irrigation and grounds maintenance services. We serve residential and commercial clients throughout the Central Savannah River Area and beyond.

We pride ourselves on our design ingenuity, imagination, and ability to combine our talents with your vision to create residential and commercial Georgia/South Carolina landscaping that is unique, beautiful, functional, and compatible with just about any sized budget.

Whether you want to create a new landscape from scratch, add a useful patio, or if you're simply interested in comprehensive one-stop ongoing maintenance services, our experts can do it all. We care about your total satisfaction, and it shows. Take the time to view our  photo galleries and see what we can do for you.

Sometimes a “wow” factor is needed. Sometimes a welcoming, comforting feel is right. And sometimes you just need help with problem areas. From small projects to large custom home sites and commercial projects we can design and install all your landscape needs:

  • Irrigation

  • Trees and Shrubbery

  • Night Lighting

  • Custom water features

  • Patios and Pathways

  • Paver Patios

  • Retaining walls

  • Sod

  • Fire Pits

  • Site Grading

  • Decks and gazebos

  • Seeding

  • Spring and Fall clean ups

  • New installations

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Landscape Refurbish

  • Landscape Rejuvenations

  • Landscape Design

  • Maintenance


If you are embarking on a landscaping project, you are sure to need several different products and materials. Some of these might be required for construction purposes, while others are needed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the landscape.

Regardless of whether you need construction materials or landscaping supplies, it is essential that you source these from a reliable and well-established supplier. We at Georgia Outdoor Services only use the best quality hardscaping and landscaping products and tools.

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