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Drainage Problems

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Drainage Problems requires experience and coordination and no one is better equipped to handle this seasonal necessity than Georgia Outdoor Services. Our technicians will complete your repairs in a timely fashion.

We take pride in our ability to troubleshoot and repair your drainage problems. We won't skimp on your service and we will provide accurate, realistic and reasonable rates for all your drainage needs.

Surface Drain
A surface drain basin is used where water collects, whether on concrete or turf area. This drain then runs under ground and empties in a low area where where the run off will do no damage. Surface basin water and french drain water should not run in the same out going pipe.

French Drain
This is an underground drain used to relieve water saturated areas in turf or plant beds. This system requires a trench wide enough to hold 4" corrugated pipe and gravel. The trench must also have "fall" which allows the water to travel down hill, with the help of gravity, carrying it away from trouble areas.

Downspout Drain
This is a way to get that roof water traveling in gutters and down spouts away from the structure where it will not cause damage. This typically consist of a 4" corrugated pipe buried in a trench and taken to a low spot on the property. We can even carry away your pool backwash drain pipe water.

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Dry Creek Bed
This is a way to handle water run off when water cannot be taken underground. It consists of a swale lined with fabric and covered with gravel or stone. The water is channeled through the rock where it cannot cause damage. This can be an attractive, decorative way to solve water run off problems.

Wall Drain
If you have a wall that leaches water or plan to build a retention wall, then you need a wall drain. This is basically a french drain behind the wall that allows for the water to escape. We can take the water out to low area where it will not cause damage.

Sump Drain
This is a larger basin placed in a low spot such as basement, crawl space or any place the the water cannot be directed out with gravity. The basin will contain a float activated pump that will force the water into a pipe that we will direct to a low area for safe run off. This is used when gravity run off is not possible.

Foundation Waterproofing
This drain is used when ground water tends to settle along the foundation of a structure. The water can leach through into living space, crawl space or what ever potentially causing damage. We can excavate the area, clean the wall, apply a water proof foundation coating and impervious material to prevent the leaching. We then install a french drain to carry the water safely out.

Please be cautious when choosing a contractor to fix your water problems and always request references.

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