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Water Features

Ecosystem Ponds

Ecosystem ponds are freshwater ponds that have all the necessary parts that make up a real, living environment. From living organisms like plants and fish, to non-living things like air and sunshine, ecosystem ponds provide the essential base (water) for all those aspects of nature to work together to make a tiny, complete ecosystem in your own yard.

Our ecosystem ponds are great for anyone who wants to enjoy observing the cycle of life from their own yard. There’s nothing quite like having an amazing, living pond, filled with plants and fish that you can look at and enjoy every time you step outside!

Your perfect ecosystem pond design could be a waterscape with curb appeal in your front yard, or a private vacation spot right in your own backyard! Ecosystem ponds add vivacity and beauty to wherever you decide to place them.

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Pondless Waterfall Features

A pond can be a stand-alone water feature or it can be more interesting by adding a waterfall. It is actually better if ponds and waterfalls are combined for a more interesting water feature. The latter provide that musical sound of nature that's truly relaxing, especially if added to a busy urban jungle. But the sound is not the only advantage of adding a waterfall. By itself, it is beautiful enough to be the most ideal focal point of the area. With waterfalls, it is possible to create multi layered ponds or showcase a beautiful background.


Besides aesthetics, waterfalls also provide aeration for the fishes in the pond, thus erasing the need for a pump. Although it is always built with a pond, creating a pondless waterfall is also possible.

If added to a pond, the waterfall must never disturb and damage plants. The pond, on the other hand, must be deep enough so as to avoid excess splash and create beautiful and amplified sound.

Choosing the Right Type of Water Feature for Your Landscape

Ponds can be small or large, pale or vibrant, active or serene, and clear or murky. The options are enough to cause confusion. That's why you need a professional like Georgia Outdoor Services, so you will be given proper advice on what will be the best option for your landscape.

We have been designing ponds for Georgia and South Carolina homeowners and businesses for years and have worked with a variety of water features. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. That's why the design will always consider your personal preferences as well as what's best for the entire landscape scene.

No matter if you’re in downtown Augusta or Aiken, Grovetown or elsewhere your venue can benefit from the addition of a custom water feature to enhance your backyard or office space. Call Georgia Outdoor Services today to schedule a design consultation at (706) 863-2114 or email us at

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